About us

We are a services company based on the business model named “MAQUILA”. We specialise in the elaboration process of cured ham on the bone in all its variations (different breeds, genetics, ingredients, curing months etc.).


We offer our clients the most advanced technologies, the most innovative facilities in the sector and the guidance and knowledge of our professionals, jointly with the know-how, experience, excellency and a taste for performance that has been inherited from our experience of over 60 years in the sector, which is one of our most precious values.


We work under the strictest quality and food safety regulations and we have authorisation to export our products to third countries. We produce a product that has guaranteed quality, great versatility and that is negotiable worldwide.


Situated and integrated in privileged surroundings for curing ham in the Pyrenees, our factory is equipped with the latest technology for processing ham and is perfectly designed to guarantee a flow of secure products that is under constant control.


We are committed to protecting the environment, to quality and innovation in products, processes and services and we have the strictest certifications in quality and food safety matters.


We are committed to being a sustainable company and we actively participate in energy management to reduce consumption, respect the environment and manufacture products that are more profitable and competitive.


As a part of an on-going improvement scheme, there is constant innovation and active collaboration with clusters and with public organisms in the area of research, development and innovation that allows us to offer products demanded by our clients at all times.