Be “producer partners” of our customers’ cured ham.


Convert our company into a benchmark company and global leaders in the integrated cured ham production service.


Creation of value for our company, our customers and our region.

Commitment to the environment and future generations, by means of sustainable production.

Improvement, continuing training, and personal and professional development of the entire team, innovation, search for new ideas and creativity in services, processes and product.

Improvement towards business excellence as a way of working.

Commitment to solid labour ethics. Sincere personal relations based on trust, humbleness, loyalty and mutual respect.

Honesty, transparency and loyalty to the company as a whole, to its suppliers and customers.

Corporate, social responsibility, contribution to the development of our region, fostering sport and a healthy life.

Labour stability, flexibility, facilitating work/family reconciliation.

Active and dynamic multidisciplinary, multi-race and multicultural team that works enthusiastically, sharing their passion for work well-done.

Safety of the whole team, where everyone is fully committed to caring for health and the prevention of accidents.